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Mission Mars // 2021

Having previously worked on the Alberts Schloss site in Manchester our team were asked to work on the second Alberts Schloss site in Birmingham at the start of 2021. Over the first three months of the year we began to develop designs and details to transform the acquired new build site.


Installing a new mezzanine to divide the space we included three bars in the final design. The main ground floor island bar forms a focal point to the open plan space which is divided internally with traditional beer hall plaster arches. A second 'Schnapps Store' and cocktail bar works as a dispense space for staff during the evening and the perfect spot to enjoy a coffee during the day. On the newly installed mezzanine a third hidden bar named 'Ludwig's Tavern' sits in a small timber clad drinking den. Traditional in style this alternative space for private events turns the classic Alberts Schloss styling into an altogether cosier experience to relax with friends.

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